Sedona Youth Group for Teens

“Fun and fellowship
is an important part of our time together.”

“Learning Biblical principles is enjoyable
when we do it as a group.”

“Leadership skills are developed in our youth led meetings.”

“Reaching out to the community can be a blast.”

Teens at Christ Center…YoungLife!

Teens are important at Christ Center Wesleyan Church.
We Support the local YOUNGLIFE organization for all our teen activities.

Young Life doesn’t start with a program.
It starts with adults concerned enough about kids
to go to them, on their turf and in their culture,
building bridges of authentic friendship.
These relationships don’t happen overnight –
they take time, patience, trust and consistency.

So Young Life leaders log many hours with kids around the world –
where they are, as they are.
Leaders faithfully attend football, volleyball, soccer practices,
and other events where local teens are involved.

We listen to their stories and learn what’s important to them
because we genuinely care about their joys, triumphs, heartaches and setbacks.

We believe in the power of presence.
Kids’ lives are dramatically impacted when caring adults come alongside them,
sharing God’s love with them.
Because their leader believes in them,
they begin to see that their lives have great worth, meaning and purpose.


YOUNGLIFE – 9th – 12th grades

Club night – Mondays 7:07 PM -1566 State Route 179

Campaigners Bible Study – Thursday 7:07 Pm @ The Gathering Place

WYLDLIFE – 6th, 7th, 8th grades

Club Night – Every Other Friday 7:07PM -1566 State Route 179

Campaigners Bible Study – Alternating Fridays 90 Tonto Rd

YOUNGLIFE is worth checking out, it’s a blast!

For more information about SedonaYoungLife
visit their website
or contact Jon Boothe at 928-308-8239